MB Volleyball is Postponing the 2021-2022 Season

It was a difficult decision but our coaches, officers and families agreed it is best to postpone the 2022 season.  Our trajectory was one of the best in our history with an amazing group of players, coaches and parents and we want to sincerely thank all of you .

Stay safe, have a great season and we wish all the players a great season.

MB Volleyball Staff

Why Play for MB?

  • Incredible group of certified coaches and clinicians with many years of experience!
  • We will have up to 6 coaches on the court for both teams this year to make sure that our players get the attention needed to work on their techniques.
  • We are a smaller club by design with highly experienced coaches. Our focus is on our players and their development. Our head coaches do not have children on their team and is not biased towards play time and positions.
  • Video Delay system to provide immediate feedback to players of their techniques.
  • Best value, one of the lowest cost and highly ranked competitive club team in CHRVA Region. We played more sets per season overall than any club in CHRVA.
  • All of our teams are our top priority. We purposely keep the # of teams down to focus on our player’s development and personal attention.
  • We truly care about each and everyone of our player and their progression. Reviews, feedback and goals are discussed with players.
  • We are not pressured to grow financially, this is our passion and it shows in our approach with the players and families.

Our Coaches and Staff

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How do I pick a club ?

  1. What should I look for in a team?
  2. What should I look for in a coach?
  3. What to look for in a club?
  4. Where does MB stack up against other clubs?
  5. Is cost the main factor? Do you get “What you pay for?”

These are all important questions, we will try to give you some of our honest opinions on what to think about during your selection process. It is just as important for a player to go through a selection process as it is for a club team to go through theirs. Answers to these questions are blogged here.

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Words from our families

It’s been a few years now, but I’m still so grateful for our season with MB Volleyball. We traveled from western Loudoun to play for this club because we immediately knew it was the right choice. The coaches and everyone affiliated with MB truly love the sport, and they were so enthusiastic and welcoming from the very beginning. They created a sense of family, even among those of us who were strangers, and made the experience enjoyable for everyone involved…players, parents, siblings, etc. They really cared about our kids, on and off the court…helping to develop them individually, while also nurturing them as a team. Players learned to work hard, play together and compete…without being competitive with one another. They had some great wins that season, but (thankfully) it wasn’t just about winning games. After all, it’s not the team record that we have special memories of…it’s the coaches, the players and their families, the places we traveled to, and all the crazy, fun times we had together with our MB family!
Thank you SO MUCH, Coach Mai and Penney…Coach Wally, too!!! 
We are extremely thankful to have been a part of your 2014-15 Phoenix Team.
Hugs to all…

Kay, Joel, Riley & Jocie   

“I would highly recommend MB Volleyball to players and families as the coaches and staff are dedicated to the athlete’s physical and emotional development in the game of volleyball. The coaches pride themselves on filling teams with players who have positive attitudes and demonstrate good sportsmanship. MB offers a “family-like” atmosphere which allows players to learn, grow, have a good time and appreciate the excitement of the sport. “

Betsy G,

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