About Us

MB Volleyball focuses on player development with a highly qualified coaching staff. Statistically we’ve been on the upper end of “Club” Volleyball and competitive with “Travel” Volleyball programs. Our tournament schedule usually placed us at either top or near the top of the most sets played per season, and our price point is much more accessible compare to other programs . We seek players who are coachable, enthusiastic, respectful and above all a good teammate. This is a club for players who wants camaraderie, discipline, and have fun through learning. We discourage any players or parents who have individual agendas.. this is a team sport.

Respectfully, we are not for everyone.. we are looking for the best players, but more importantly we are excited to meet coach-able, respectful and eager to learn players. Our motto is be a good team mate. This philosophy applies to parents as well as we are trying to create an atmosphere of competition but also a family environment for all. Disruptive players and parents will be removed from the club.

We will be at “The Campus”, 100 Powers Ct, Sterling, VA 20166 this year as our practice location. This is a great new facility that will allow our teams to practice at the same time and location. We want all of our coaches to be able to see all the players and assess them individually. This season, we will have 5-6 Coaches on both courts at once to assist players and work with their skills. This ratio of coaches to players is unheard of in club and we’ve been doing it for years to help our players.

We will continue to use Video Delays and Video feedback to help the players see their techniques instantaneously so they can review and repeat the drills. This technique provide instant cognitive feedback to their forms and encourage corrections in real time.

Our coaches continues to further their coaching knowledge during the off season to receive Head Coach Certifications from AOC as well as taking leadership roles as Varsity Coaches in local HS programs. We attended training with major programs such as Nebraska, BYU, Miami, Loyola and the women U.S National team to learn more about the latest strategies, statistics and techniques to transfer to our players.

“Our Standards”

Team work win games
Be the best team mate you can be by going after each and every ball… no matter how far away it is.

Be a GOOD team mate.

Being a good team mate means that you are ready and willing to chase down a mistake that your team mate just made. Never let a ball drop and doing your part outside of practice to help your team.

Being a good team mate means that you play your position well, practice your skills outside of practice and learn the game outside of the court.

Being a good team mate is cheering for your players, never use social media for anything but good.

Appreciate every moment on the court

No one should force you to play or compete..you must want to be on the court and you want that beast of a server or hitter to come at you..you welcome the challenge

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