About Us

bean_treeWe are very excited to announce a new state of the art practice facility and new coaches for the 2016-17 season. We’ve been working hard this past year to bring together a fantastic collaboration between facilities, coaches, and partners to provide the most exciting and competitive program in Northern Virginia.


This year MB Volleyball, Loudoun County Volleyball and Dulles South Volleyball have entered a partnership to provide the most comprehensive and value driven program in the area. Our combined programs, staff, facilities and knowledge will allow us to do more exciting things together. We are so PUMPED about this fantastic partnership with some of the best coaches and people around!

New technologies are being added to help the players see their techniques instantaneously so they can review and repeat the drills to adjust their techniques.. all in real time!

Several of our coaches attended training this summer with major programs such as Nebraska, BYU, Miami, Loyola and the women U.S National team to learn more about the latest strategies, statistics and techniques to transfer to our players. Furthermore, we are adding additional coaches this year who coached D1 College programs and have National team experience.  One of our coaches recently returned from the 2016 Olympics.

“Our Standards”

Team work win games
Be the best team mate you can be by going after each and every ball… no matter how far away it is.

Be a GOOD team mate.

Being a good team mate means that you are ready and willing to chase down a mistake that your team mate just made. Never let a ball drop and doing your part outside of practice to help your team.

Being a good team mate means that you play your position well, practice your skills outside of practice and learn the game outside of the court.

Being a good team mate is cheering for your players, never use social media for anything but good.

Appreciate every moment on the court

No one should force you to play or compete..you must want to be on the court and you want that beast of a server or hitter to come at you..you welcome the challenge

Our Standards

What we expect from you

Respect your coaches and team mates
No negative treatment of your team mate on any social media platform
Be on time to practice and tournaments
Use practice time and instructions wisely
Practice like you play



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