Club Fees

Our fee structure is below:

Fees for all 4 teams are expected to around $1800.00 for the 2017-18 Season
First payment $1200.00 is due at signing day before practice begins
Second Payment $600.00 is due at the end of February

IF a team decide to play in extra tournaments, those fees will be added at the end of the season. Parents will be informed of any additional fees by their coaches well in advance and will be a part of the decision making process.

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Below is a limited list of items that the fee will cover for all teams.

gym space for 2x to 3x  week
7-8 regional tournaments (entrance fee)
(2) 3-days tournaments (entrance fee, Cap Classic and a multi day tournament like East Coast Championship in Pittsburgh
League Fees
Clinician Fees
2 competition Jersey(s) and 1 practice jersey
Coaches and Volunteers stipend
Club’s operational fees (taxes,banking,registration, web site, certifications etc..)
Scrimmage facility fees
Team bonding funds
Team party at the end of the year ( if there’s money left)