Rehoboth FAQ

Here are some guidelines and suggestions for those who attends the First Rites of summer. Most of the information is here

  1. One family must register for the team of 2 players . Age group will determine which day you play on.
  2. Check in at Laurel Street on the board walk between 7:45-8:30am
  3. Bring your own Beach Volleyball, they are different than the indoor balls. We no longer have beach balls available to borrow. Buy “King of the Beach” balls, I will show the girls a sample.
  4. Check the weather and bring proper clothes/shelter.
  5. The tournament plays rain or shine, please dont call the coaches.. reach out to the organizers if you must.. but they don’t ever cancel.
  6. Bring proper drinks and food for your players, you are responsible for your players the entire weekend.
  7. Check evite from Coach Mai for club dinner sat night, 6 pm at Mariachi ( optional)
  8. Younger players play on nets near the registration. Older age groups play further south on the beach. There are usually over 100 nets that can span over 1/4 mile
  9. Games are to 21 pts not 25.. each  pool play is different so pay attention to your court’s rules on the clip board ( provided)

Here’s a narrative:

Our family usually take the kids out of school around 12pm Friday and cross the Bay Bridge before traffic gets too congested. The trip takes about 3.5 hours if traffic is reasonable. We check into our house/hotel, sync up with other players and head out to the beach to get a little play time on the sand courts. It’s still early in the season so usually Grotto Pizza is open and we’ll grab some pizza there later in the eve when the other players arrive.

Sat or Sun ( pends on age group)  we check in at Laurel Street on the boardwalk, players are assigned a court #  and we proceed to bring our chairs and blankets there to set up for the day. Pending on the court # you may have to walk several blocks. The girls usually txt their friends to find out which court everyone is on so they can come and cheer on their team mates.

Around 9-9:30 am. There will be a meeting on the beach with the tournament director, each age group will convene on the beach ( they will come and call everyone in, so be patient) The club directors go over the rules for the day. (see the rules on the web site as it changes year to year for beach.)

Games are refereed by players.. no coaches, no parents involvement.. players should know the rules and self govern. If there are questionable plays just “play over” is the best approach. After pool play the last work team bring the results to the director’s tent ( usually near the nets)

Once pool play is over top 2 teams will advance to play-offs.

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