2019-20 Information

To avoid many repetitive emails, please check the MB Volleyball web site. All questions regarding team play, tournaments and schedules from here on should be on Team Snap and managed by your head coach.

Coach Wally U16: cyc44volleyball@yahoo.com, Team Mom, Tracy Meredith
Coach Eric U15: Eric.c.flores96@gmail.com, Team Mom, Carolyn Chase

  1. Check your practice, tournament schedule and team information on Team Snap. Be sure to update your information. Your coaches will send an invite to log in. Reminder, the coaches and staff does not know when a team is accepted to a tournament until it’s posted about 1-2 weeks before the event. As soon as we are notified, the coaches will send an update. Please do not keep emailing the staff on the status.
    1. U15: https://go.teamsnap.com/3491353/home
    2. U16: https://go.teamsnap.com/5704191/home
  2. Players must pass the score keeping training before MB Certapalooza ( USAV evaluation) in Early Dec. instructions here: Play time will be affected.


  1. Spirit Wear for MB Volleyball https://t-shirtpeople.com/mb_volleyball/shop/home Orders must be in by Dec 7th for Cassels.
  2. 4.      Extra physical Conditioning services provided by https://thegrindva.com/ training session are on M/W right before our practices. The cost is $9 per 30 minutes per player and is not affiliated or included with MB Volleyball contract. If interested please reach out to the contacts in the link.
  3. 5. CHRVA ( our region) link https://www.chrva.org/page/show/3927262-chrva-juniors
  4. MB Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MBVolleyball.NorthernVA/