Coach Lee

Coach Lee is entering his third season with MB Volleyball having coached the U14s the last two seasons. This is his 53rd year of active involvement in volleyball as a player and as a coach. His playing experience covers 6man volleyball as well as 9man volleyball, a version of the game that was brought over to the U.S. from Taishan, China. The 9man national tournament that is held each Labor Day weekend just finished its 73rd annual competition in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with over 100 mens and womens teams from the U.S. and Canada. Coach Lee’s 9man experience as a player included two national championships with multiple final four appearances and numerous elite eight finishes. Coach Lee’s 6man competitive experience began with intramurals at the University of Maryland (College Park) where his team as Open Division champions won back to back University Championships by first eliminating the Dormitory champions and then beating the Fraternity champions in the Finals. He made the UM USVBA men’s team as a Middle Hitter and Setter but never completed the season due to a knee injury. His other experiences and accomplishments include numerous city and county league championships (mens and co-ed) and playing USAV at the B, BB and Age Group levels.

Coaching Philosophy:

1)  We win as a team and we lose as a team. There is no finger pointing.

2)  The effort we put out during practice has a correlation to how we will play during game day.

3)  Learning and improving one’s volleyball skills comes at a different pace for all players. Being     patient and providing positive feedback to all players is a must.

4)  There are moments in volleyball when there is neither a right way nor a wrong way. All one can do is try and make the best effort to succeed.

5)  Play with intensity; play with intelligence; be aggressive; and have fun

6)  Be respectful to your teammates, to your opponents, to the officials, to the spectators, to coaches  and to your parents