Last year was a transformative year for our daughter as a volleyball player.  Not only did her technical skills greatly improve, but more importantly, she gained confidence in her ability to contribute to a team and be a leader on the court. The girls all learned to work together on the court, while being nothing but supportive and kind to each other both on the court and off.  We are so thankful to everyone at MB for giving our daughter such a positive environment to grow as a player. The culture MB has created filters to all aspects of the club experience, including every open gym, tournament and social gathering, which made the season great fun for our entire family!

Dear Coach,
Now that the season is over I want to say thank you so much, you will never know how thankful I am for the hard work you put into the team this year. There were lots of challenges and I think you handled them perfectly. And I appreciate you seeing and understanding what was happening to the team. Your program has taught me so much about volleyball and how to be a good teammate. This was my first year playing and I think that my growth is huge not just as a player but as a person and teammate. You all taught me about mental toughness, which is something I struggle with and am continuing to work on. I just wanted to thank you Penney for stepping in and coaching the team because once you started coaching the change in the team dynamic was so obvious. This proved to me that we just need to have fun. And we all play a lot better when we are having fun and happy. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Penney at tryouts in December. Thank you for this season. It has impacted me greatly, all of your hard work is truly appreciated.
Thank you,

It’s been a few years now, but I’m still so grateful for our season with MB Volleyball. We traveled from western Loudoun to play for this club because we immediately knew it was the right choice. The coaches and everyone affiliated with MB truly love the sport, and they were so enthusiastic and welcoming from the very beginning. They created a sense of family, even among those of us who were strangers, and made the experience enjoyable for everyone involved…players, parents, siblings, etc. They really cared about our kids, on and off the court…helping to develop them individually, while also nurturing them as a team. Players learned to work hard, play together and compete…without being competitive with one another. They had some great wins that season, but (thankfully) it wasn’t just about winning games. After all, it’s not the team record that we have special memories of…it’s the coaches, the players and their families, the places we traveled to, and all the crazy, fun times we had together with our MB family!
Thank you SO MUCH, Coach Mai and Penney…Coach Wally, too!!! 
We are extremely thankful to have been a part of your 2014-15 Phoenix Team.
Hugs to all…

Kay, Joel, Riley & Jocie   

“From the first open gym, the MB coaches gave us a feeling of family and a feeling of strong dedication and positive energy. During the season, our coach and the whole MB crew brought out and improved the special skills of our daughter, gave her confidence, and fostered friendship within the team. We were very impressed how the coaches from the other MB teams included our girls in their practice as well as helped during our practice when possible.”

Ariane Y.

“I would highly recommend MB Volleyball to players and families as the coaches and staff are dedicated to the athlete’s physical and emotional development in the game of volleyball. The coaches pride themselves on filling teams with players who have positive attitudes and demonstrate good sportsmanship. MB offers a “family-like” atmosphere which allows players to learn, grow, have a good time and appreciate the excitement of the sport. “

Betsy G,

“There is one thing about MB that stands out for us, and that is a strong sense of community. As I’ve said before, MB really sets the bar high when it comes to this. You make everyone feel like family.”
Kandis W.

I can’t thank you all enough, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you did for Ava this year.  Our goal in having her play club volleyball was to get better and have fun.  And, that goal was met and then some!  Being club was a new experience for us we didn’t know what to expect, but it exceeded any expectations we had.
And, I can’t thank you all enough for believing in Ava and giving her a chance.  I know she’s not your best player by any means and sometimes I was surprised to see her in so much, but I realized that I think her having a great attitude really paid off and that doesn’t always happen on teams or get recognized.  So, thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your time, your effort and your kindness.
Ava had a blast, made new friends, gained confidence on and off of the court and adores you all.  What more could we want out of this year?!
It’s very apparent how much you all love the sport and care about the girls.  I know it’s not easy dealing with teenage girls, or their parents, but you were all very much appreciated by us for all that you did…because I know you did a lot more than we even saw!
We will miss seeing you!  But, we will see what next season brings to the table!
Jennifer G.

“MB puts the player first, quality instruction is a lock, the experience is second to none”.

Matt S.