Rob Shields – Volleyball Bio

Hello, my name is Rob Shields and I will be this seasons U14 MB Volleyball club’s head
coach. My experience ranges from both playing volleyball and coaching. I have played
many years in adult Men’s and Co-ed volleyball leagues. I have also raising three
daughters who have all played volleyball. For two of my daughters, volleyball became
their #1 sport and as such my interest in coach has grown along with their own
progression. I have coached about 5 years with the middle school LYV program,
including this year at the Open 1 level where our Seneca Ridge team just finished in the
top 4 in Loudoun County. Coach Tom Begley from the U17 team will be my assistant at
practices this season as well, so feel free to check out his Bio as well.
What I feel like I bring to the table as a coach is my love for sports and the “Team”
atmosphere that I will create for our U14 MB Volleyball team this season. A lot of my
coaching philosophy may sound cliché, but I truly feel that so many life lessons are
learned through sports.

Team Philosophy
My main goals are for the girls to have a excellent experience playing club volleyball
while developing their skills and the team chemistry. Ideally, I would like to have a team
where everyone plays every game, as I feel this creates true team comradery, keeps
everyone ready to play, reduces drama, and keeps all players fresh for the long
tournaments that we will be in.

  • Team Mentality – Create an environment that is team focused and promotes
    camaraderie amongst the players and a desire for them to want to play and compete for one another.
  • Having Fun – The girls have many stressors in life already, volleyball should be
    an outlet that the girls enjoy and look forward to going to, and get to compete at a
    physical and mental level doing a sport they love
  • Staying Positive – Everything does not always go well when you step out onto the court and compete. Staying positive and picking up your teammates will go along way to helping the team overcoming adversity on the court.
  • Being Aggressive & Not Being Afraid to make a Mistake – I am not going to be one of those coaches who pulls a player out immediately for making one
    mistake. I encourage the girls to try new skills that they are developing in games,
    maybe not when the score is 23-24, but you get the point. I believe playing
    aggressive in just about any sport is the way to best compete …you cannot be shy
    is sports and expect to win; you have to want to take it!
  • Practice to Get Better – Come to practice ready to play, learn, have fun, try new skills, compete, and get Better!

I hope this give you a good sense of the type of coach I will hopefully be for your
daughter during the U14 season.

Best of Luck to All!