Coach Mai

I’m very excited to be coaching U16s this season. In the past few seasons, I have been coaching U17 and U18 and want to bring the experience of higher competition intensity and goals to our U16 players.

I have over 25 years of experience playing indoor, beach doubles and coached at every level from Grade School, MS, HS, Club to Adult teams. I’m certified with USAV, Gold Medal Squared and AOC Head Coach programs. More importantly, I acknowledge that learning is an ongoing process and that the game changes frequently. We must learn to adjust to player’s development cycles and better techniques. I’m still learning and humble about what I don’t know.

My U16 philosophy and expectations from my player is rather simple, but challenging to execute. We’ll see some successes and some failures but we will never give up on efforts.

U16 team fee may be slightly higher as I intend to enter an additional 3 day tournament and extra gym days for conditioning. I expect the fee to be between $1,800 to $2000.00 for our U16 players.

Be a good team mate. sounds simple? Here’s the break down

  1. Improve yourself, your skills so that you can be a better team mate. Team practices isn’t the only time for you to touch the ball. Practice independently to get better if you are behind,
  2. Make your team mates look better.. cover them, cover their mistakes so that they can trust you to be there when they make a mistake. They will do the same for you.
  3. Do not hurt your team mate, physically, mentally, socially or otherwise.. you are on the same team, they are the one who will pick you up and understand what you’re going through on and off the court. Don’t be the reason to someone else’s misery.
  4. When your team/team mate is down, this is when you need to be the voice that help them get up.
  5. Your personal life does not have to follow you onto your court life. Leave this at the net with me before you step on the court. The court is your sanctuary to have fun.
  6. Respect your coaches, players and parents.

Competition goals.
Depends on the makeup of the talents but this is the U16 goal for the season

  1. Competition level: Select. We’ll play in club and Open levels
  2. U16 program is designed for Varsity or high level JV moving into Varsity programs. A higher demand of focus, seriousness, and conditioning is required.
  3. High tempo plays, lower passes, faster- lower sets, quicks, sliders , huts and back row attacks
  4. Executing designed plays consistently.. at least 4-5 free ball or good ups plays
  5. Back row attacks is a primary attack not secondary on our U16 team
  6. Everyone is a setter, everyone is a defender, everyone is a hitter
  7. Not all players will play equal time, but we will give opportunities to everyone to succeed in pressured situation. Play time is earned, not given.
  8. No bias in position, we will try out different positions and situation for every player.. a tall player shouldn’t automatically be a middle hitter.. we want to explore all positions and get experience/exposure for every player.
  9. 5-1 or 6-2 offensive system with statistic-driven defensive system
  10. Statistics, We will capture and also use statistics to help us adjust during the season
  11. We will use our own Video delay and feedback for self assessment
  12. We will study recorded games/scrimmages on our off nights when required.
  13. Conditioning days are required.. with a highly qualified certified coach ( pending)