Coach Tom’s Bio

Coach Begley has been playing volleyball for over 33 years at various levels – indoors and out. He was an intramural champion at Fairfield University (they had no men’s program). He has played on 6-man USAV Clubs in Connecticut and Virginia where he mostly played middle and outside hitter. He has played doubles, co-ed doubles and reverse co-ed doubles in both sand and grass and went to the US Nationals playing reverse co-ed. He has been coaching for MB Volleyball since it was founded and is the head coach of our U17 team. He coached in the Loudoun County Youth Volleyball for 5 years, assisted at the high school level and now is the Varsity Volleyball coach at Park View High School. He loves coaching and is always trying to find ways to be a better coach. He brings a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge (and volume) to his teams.

Coach Tom’s Philosophy

I am Interested in each person – who they are, how they are motivated and what they want from this experience.
I am relentless about being better – both for myself and for my team. Every game, practice and every time we touch the ball gives us that chance.
I want players who are relentless about getting better too.
I am honest even when it is hard.
I want to make my players think (and understand) the game so they can adapt.
I use stats/science/facts (video) to tell you how you are doing.
I teach life skills through volleyball.
I want to nurture a love for volleyball that lasts long after the season is over.

Coach Tom’s Beliefs

To get where we want to go, it’s not about brilliance but continued effort.
We should be excited about little victories.
Where ever we focus – flourishes.
Practices should be hard and competitive. Games just tell you what to work on in practice.
Process is more important than outcome. If we are doing the “right things” the score will take care of itself.
We want to be tested. We want it to be hard. Hard is what makes it great.