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This instruction is for LAST YEAR! however it doesnt change very much and give you a general guidance.

Important Links:

Tournament info:

Sportwrench registration and pool tracking:

Hints for parents

1.   Drop your players off at the main entrance ( Mt Vernon)  then go park is the best way to get them there on time.

2.   You don’t need to bring anything, food and chairs are available

3.   Get your entrance wristband early ( buy online) or at the venue

4.   Stay in DC if weather is bad..

5.   Cheer for your player and their team mates. Refrain from negative comments

6.   Team Gathering Sat at Capitol City Brewery, check with your coach for time

7.   Club Photo will be on Sunday in between AM and PM Wave. Location TBD. Team captains or coaches will let you know of the location. Wear Black, with team Jacket on.

All players must plan to meet their coaches in front of the East Salon in the Convention Center Saturday, February 13th to receive their wrist bands for entry into the tournament. It will be easiest if you enter the building through the Mount Vernon Place entrance, the East Salon (huge sign) is just up the steps on the right (team captains txt to your players where you are, this is your job!) You will leave the East Salon as a group at designated time. PLEASE BE PROMPT! Your team cannot wait for stragglers as they need to find your court and begin warm up. It is not the team’s responsibility to wait for you if you are late, it is very chaotic on the first day.

We WILL be playing ALL 3 days of the tournament so plan accordingly. On Saturday you’ll play in the ( AM or PM wave, Check with your coach. Sunday’s schedule is determined by how you play on Saturday and Monday’s schedule is determined by how we play on Sunday.

Bring cash in case you want to buy food, drinks or souvenirs. For any girls being chaperoned, perhaps money for dinner, too.

ALL NON-PLAYERS ( parents/siblings), remember to purchase a wrist band for entrance into the tournament.

Here is a message from Greg Brookhart regarding teams working at the tournament. BE SURE TO RELAY THIS TO YOUR PLAYERS as well.

Thanks to everyone who has been working hard at completing training clinics and practicing for the various work team roles. We can expect to work 1 or 2 matches during each pool round on Saturday and Sunday. During the playoff rounds on Monday, one team in each bracket is picked to work the first match. Then the losing team of each match works the next match on the same court. At any tournament, we should always expect to work a match after the last match we play unless we play in the final match. With 7 people in a work team and 9 to 11 players on each of our teams, everyone should expect to stay until we complete our last match whether we are playing or working the match.

During the Capitol Hill Classic, our priority will be to get as many evaluations for scorers and referees completed as we can especially during pool play. We will try to get as many different people (who have completed the training clinics) the chance to work in their role as we can. All players who have not completed scorer or referee training will have plenty of opportunities to work as line judges or at the scoreboard.

If you or your daughter has completed scorer or referee training and will not be at any part of the tournament, please let us know so we can do some advance planning.

All scorers and referees should bring a copy of the appropriate evaluation sheets with the top completed. You should bring these forms with you to every tournament until you have completed two successful evaluations and submit the completed form to CHRVA. These can be printed from the following locations:

Also, scorers, you may want to bring your own pens and pencils plus a watch to keep track of time. Referees, don’t forget your whistle.


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